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The best way to find a great path to wealth is to know first where you are in the map, particularly in the millionaire map. Are you just several meters away from being the next big thing in the money world, or you still need to overcome hurdles along the way to reach your desired destination?

Wealth Spectrum Test

You are about to learn the simplest and smartest way to achieve success. But before we discuss the solution, you need first to understand more the problem.

One of the major problems for those who want to follow the path to wealth is the fact that there are numerous guideposts along the way. Many of these “guides” are pointing the opposite directions. For example, you might have read that the only way to wealth is by establishing your own business, while other books would tell you that investment is the best way. Other experts suggest that doing what you love is great option, while others recommend choosing the opportunities that could give you great wealth, even though you may not be always in the limelight.

The diversity of these advices makes it only confusing and difficult for a person to achieve wealth. Bear in mind that we have different levels of experience, wealth and skills. Hence, one advice for another may not work for another.

The only solution for this confusing problem is to determine where you are and where you want to be before you start your journey. The Spectrum Test will precisely show your location as well as the necessary steps that you need to take based on your current situation. Bear in mind that the best steps for one path could be the worst steps in another.

The test was invented in 2009 by Roger James Hamilton, who is an entrepreneur. The test is the result of Hamilton’s creation of Wealth Dynamic profiling system, which was intended for his personal use.

The test profiles people according to the eight categories: the Creator, the Mechanic, the Star, the Supporter, the Deal Maker, the Trader, the Accumulator, and the Lord. Hamilton believes that understanding a person’s natural wealth affinity is crucial and relevant in following the path to wealth. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Warren Buffet to your colleagues at work, to your children have their own levels in the spectrum, which is important to know to achieve success and wealth.

The Importance of Taking the Test

The Test is a test that concentrates on the available knowledge in generating wealth, entrepreneurship and leveraging your strengths to help you achieve success.

wealth dynamics profile

Bear in mind that following a path will entail resources such as time, money and effort. Once you fail to use these resources wisely, you will just waste them and as a result you will lose a chance to get nearer to your goal. Also, you might lose your self-esteem once you have failed in using strategies especially in ventures that are highly risky.

These costs are not products of misinformation but great lack of direction. If you want to learn a new language, your instructor will first ask about the level of your proficiency, so that you can follow a path that will help you to achieve your goal. In similar case, if you want to be wealthy, you need first to know your level of proficiency when it comes to money. One way to know that is by taking the Wealth Spectrum Test. This test will give you the clarity on the level of your wealth. Hence, you can take the necessary steps to increase certainty and reduce the room for failure.

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