If your are looking for the free test tokens then give these a try. They were working on March 2015 and allows you to do the wealth dynamics test free. You need to click HERE to activate these token or IT DOESNT WORK

Wealth Dynamics Test Token Free

  • WXJ-SAZ-A32-XWD  (working feb 2015)
  • WXJ-CQS-121-ZXV
  • WXJ-ASD-135-ASW
  • WXJ-SWT-765-ASG
  • WXJ-JDF-221-NSD
  • WXJ-ADF-655-VCX
  • WXJ-ASA-211-DSA
  • WXJ-ASD-111-ZXC
  • WXJ-ASD-543-QFA

OR TRY THE wealth dynamics free test!

This new Genius U test is the ‘light‘ version of the Wealth Dynamics Test and will tell you which “type” of the 4 Genius personalities you belong to.  It’ also FREE.

For example, you may be a Dynamo Genius (like Apple founder Steve Jobs). Or maybe you are a more introverted Steel Profile? (like Walmart Founder Sam Walton) Or is it the opposite and you’re extroverted like the Blaze? (like Oprah Winfrey).

And best of all? This one is free for the next 8 days! So now you have no excuse to join the group of 250,000 entrepreneurs who have already taken this test.

So click on this link and take the test for free on us.

See you on the other side!

The RichestOfTheRich.com Team























More about the test – If you are looking for something meaty and need direction in your personal path to success then this is test then this is it. Let me tell you my story. I was a no good technical person in a technical job doing tasks. Tasks like doing stuff like jumping in and out of the computer. Yes a computer. By doing things like that I was able to go and do Roger Hamilton stuff. Jobs like doing the test to see what sort of profile that I could do. Its true.

A wealth profile is just as good as other things. If you are looking for a powerful wealth profile then this is it. Yes looking for the token is a hard thing to do. Tokens that are like the ones here. Tokens are the genius of the wealth free token. Are you looking for it? Then it’s true. Yes this is definitely it. By doing it you will see how the wealth profile is the solution to your answers. By combining the forces of ying and yang you can see the power. The power of love is an amazing thing. Especially with business. Pure business is what you need to see the wealth of the money flowing into your cash. Cash that you have to see. Wealth Dynamics is the key to it. Truely.




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