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I did my Wealth Dynamics test in 2009, at the recommendation of a friend as I was trying to work out what to do with my life. I am one of those people that can pretty much do anything, but I found myself always doing everything.

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Once I understood my profile as a Mechanic, I started to read up on other successful people with my profile and understood the benefits of having an uber powerful team of people around me. I went on to set up my first business, myshoppingsecrets.com that markets international luxury fashion brands to the UAE, US, Asia and New Zealand where I’m from.

Because I understood my Wealth Dynamics profile, I’ve been learning and experimenting with my natural skills, I’ve now been involved in over 9 start ups companies in the last 3 years having never thought this is something I would ever do, and all before I turned 30.

This week we officially launched myshoppingsecrets.com in NZ, and we’ve had an amazing response and some great features in the media out there, and I have reached one of my lifetime goals to be an example to New Zealanders what’s possible, to follow your dreams and create global business.

http://www.fashionz.co.nz/news/kiwi-in-london-launches-online-shopping-mall.html http://cleo.msn.co.nz/cleonews/8467092/ site gives kiwis access to top international fashion labels. Next we’ll be launching in Australia, India, UAE, US and China!

I always recommend anyone I work with and all the businesses I am involved with to take the Wealth Dynamics test to help them understand their own pathway and I’ve watched it help entrepreneurs make some really important decisions about their future and I know it’s certainly helped me!


The greatest thing I learned about my wealth dynamics profile is that it’s a WEALTH profile and not a personality or skills profile. I am a mechanic profile with a strong creator secondary profile, and because I am very well skilled all-round, in the past I tended to take on the wrong projects or focus on the wrong part of joint projects, so hence wealth did not flow to me and struggle, stress and frustration…

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were every-day experiences instead. Subsequently, despite creating 9 businesses in my life from nothing, literally nothing, it is only in the last three years and with my last three companies, that I have created financial wealth flow for myself and others, all from systems driven web-based companies.

In my main, bread and butter, company, Magic Webs, which is a SEO and Web development company run out of Singapore, right now I hold two positions, Marketing Director and Systems Consultant. These two roles may seem incongruent, but the way I do things as a mechanic makes them totally congruent. In December of 2010, Magic Webs was almost bankrupt and I lost 90% of my operations team in one week. Since that time I have rebuilt the company from the base up systemizing core client delivery and cash management functions. We now have a 45 person team with 5 open positions. My learning in rebuilding the company was to divest in roles that are not my highest core value delivery as fast as I can and as soon as I have systemized them, making it easy for others to take over.

During the last twelve months I have held over 20 different positions in my company, some I only held for a week. I even divested in my CEO role in January of this year and passed it to a better suited person who is a star profile, and took on the strategic role of Marketing Director with a sub role as the companies Systems Consultant. My strategic decision to focus my energies as our Marketing Director and Systems Consultant have paid off in an amazing way. I still get to poke my nose into the “nitty-gritties” of the company systems and processes, allowing me to improve them, while not upsetting anyone in the team by being critical about others not spotting all the issues I see with my eyes closed. And of course in my marketing role, I do not do it in a conventional way. I drive our marketing through systems, so seeing we’re a search engine optimization company, my main marketing functions are based around us being #1 in Google, which requires pure mechanics. With my Marketing Director role I get to drive the companies leading edge and set strategic direction. A working example of this happened just last week. In a single day I rewired our company to follow a new strategic direction, allowing us to grow all flowing well, to become a 10 million dollar revenue company within 2 to 3 years, while reducing our workload by a factor of 5.

Harries, one of our top developers came to me with a proposal to make our Results Manager (RM) system web based. The RM is an internal dedicated client processes management system. Synchronicity engaged its engine, and the very next day when I was casually looking at an online tool for another part of our business processes, I had a flash of inspiration. The system I was looking at was a subscription based system costing over 300$ a month. I thought why not make our RM a subscription based tool. This single idea would allow us earn more and work less. A day later, we engaged 7 new web developers and made Harries their team leader – they will now deliver the core system in 6 weeks! Harries and I laughed together at our new joint creation when I said to Harries, “this is not software, this is beachware, we will be on the beach soon mate with our feet up.”


I never dreamed that, after quitting my London consulting job, I’d end up starting an award-winning social enterprise 4,000 miles away. It all began with me sitting in a dull corporate office longing to do something more meaningful with my life.

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My heart led me to social entrepreneurs: people using entrepreneurial skills to solve social problems (Muhammad Yunus is one prominent example).

In 2005, I travelled to the hot, dusty plains of northern India with Pooja, who was to become my future business partner. We were so inspired by the potential of social entrepreneurs to create powerful change in India and so moved by the lack of support for them, that we started to hatch a plan for how we could help. Wealth Dynamics (WD) When I discovered WD, it was a lightbulb moment for me. I suddenly understood that there were different paths to entrepreneurial success. I am a Creator profile. I learned that I need to focus my time on creating, not on managing or completing. And I need to work with different profiles that love doing what I don’t. Now, I felt better equipped for my journey — or so I thought.

The big lessons I’m still learning As UnLtd India, our social entrepreneur incubator, took off, I found myself feeling almost constantly overwhelmed. I was exhausted, I was working every hour of the day and my relationships were suffering. I slowly learned my first big lesson from WD: ‘Say NO’. I learned that it’s what I say ‘no’ to, rather than ‘yes’ to, that determines how effective I am. Since then, I’ve said ‘no’ to doing things that are not aligned with my creator profile — admin, finances and implementation — so that I can focus on creating, raising money and strategy.

My second big lesson hit home when I went to a WD event in Bali, before I’d even moved to India. The event was run as a competition, with prizes for the team that developed the best business plan. My idea was one that was chosen. I thought I was in with a chance of winning. But I crashed into something bigger than my dreams: my ego. I thought I knew best. I thought we could do it MY way. We didn’t win because I shut out my team. It felt painful and humiliating. Now, I’ve learned to let go more.

My co-founder Pooja is a Supporter profile (a great combination for a Creator profile like me) and we’ve learned to trust each other completely for the different things we do. Our first key hire, our Operations Manager, is an Accumulator profile, who keeps us anchored. We’ve since built an awe-inspiring team made up of complementary profiles — so much so, that now, Pooja and I are doing what feels scary (but right), and handing over the organisation to allow someone else to take it to the next level.

The results Today, we’ve raised more than $2m, funded 98 entrepreneurs and built a full-time team of 14. The people we’ve mentored have already raised 14.5 times the amount we’ve invested in them and positively impacted the lives of more than four million disadvantaged people in India. Last year, we were honoured to win the ‘Most Innovative Social Enterprise Award’ from The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

I’m deeply grateful to Roger and to the amazing people I’ve met through WD who have supported us. Had I not discovered WD, I suspect we may not have achieved what we have, and that I’d be less happy, less fulfilled and more grey-haired than I am now! What next? Because WD has had such a profound influence on my life, I am now launching WD for social entrepreneurs, incorporating language and case studies that speak directly to them. If you’re interested in helping, I’d love to hear from you!

– PS Our first UnLtd India website had the strapline ‘Who will be India’s Muhammad Yunus?’ The photo on the left is of Pooja and I saying ‘thank you’ to the man himself in Mumbai earlier this year.


Even though I was introduced to Wealth Dynamics Profiles 6 years ago, the biggest difference Wealth Dynamics has made to my life has been in my recent failed, then successful restart into the business world.

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Using just the basics of Wealth Dynamics (because that is all I know), I have re-launched my previously failed business and in the space of 4 months I have turned this business, and just $1000, into a fast growing, global company, that I run from my dream location – Thailand.

A few months after originally doing our wealth dynamics profiles (I am a creator), we decided to move from Brisbane, Australia, home to our 4 business at the time, and re-locate to Phuket, Thailand. We moved and continued to run our businesses in Australia, from Phuket. It was a big step for us. While operating our businesses remotely I became fascinated by the world of Outsourcing and what it makes possible for businesses and business people. Phuket was a great place to be while having this interest, as thousands of business owners from around the world, who have made outsourcing work well for their company, spend a lot of time in Phuket. I had endless streams of people to talk to about it. For years I delved into Outsourcing as a personal interest.

After the birth of our second baby I took a year off. I then decided I wanted to start into business again and I wanted to follow my intense passion of Outsourcing, to create for others what we had created for ourselves, in terms of lifestyle, flexibility and new possibilities for business. So off I went, and launched my new company, Half Price Staff, providing full-time, managed, outsourced staff for smaller companies. Quite simply, it did not work. I got it going, but it was s l o w. The concept seemed fine, but the market was not keen, I couldn’t get the ball rolling. It was failing. I felt tense. I couldn’t think clearly. How could it be that the business in the industry I knew so much about, that I could provide so much real value to people in, that I loved, could be struggling so badly to get going? I got sick. I got sick again.

Then had our 3rd baby. Then moved across the country. The timing was wrong. My approach was clearly wrong too, but I couldn’t work out what was wrong with it, nothing was working. So I stopped operating the business and decided I would come back to it at some later date. When? I didn’t know. Another way to say it, would be to say I ‘quit’. I feared I had lost my mojo for business. Watching our bank balance shrink as I was failing, was enough to put me on the verge of giving up on it all together. I was so frustrated. People would ask how I was going with my business and I had nothing to say. It was depressing. I really didn’t want to give up though.

In my search to work out what I was doing wrong, I re-looked at the business and my Wealth Dynamics profile and realised a big part of what was wrong was that I was not being ‘creator’ enough, or ‘creator’ at all really. I had been focussed almost purely on the “systems” required for the business and not on the real thing I could do for people, which was to revolutionise the way they do business. I could completely change the beliefs and reality of what lifestyle a business could provide and that I could make this happen in a fairly short space of time. It was even all positive cash flow for the owner from day 1. I knew I had something special, but I was not getting the message across.

I identified 2 key things I needed to do – as a creator I needed to ‘create’ (in this case I saw I needed to share my unique take on outsourcing as original content), and to stop being held back by the ‘systems’ the business would need. I had previously cast aside creating great original content as ‘non-essential’ until I had the ‘systems’ sorted. Big mistake. I worked on organising all my research and experience of Outsourcing over the past 5 years into a clear model of the 7 strategies of outsourcing for small and mid sized companies. I worked on clarifying the step by step process that makes outsourcing work for some companies, but be a disaster for others. I focussed on what I could create in other peoples businesses, not just the savings, but the models and the lifestyle.

By the end of that, I had ‘created’ a new foundation for the business. Then onto the ‘systems’. I decided to stop worrying about the systems and I stopped looking for a ‘mechanic’ person. I realised I simply did not need one. What I needed to notice was that, some of the most talented ‘mechanics’ from around the world had already done what was needed. They had made millions of dollars from creating amazingly simple systems – designed to be used by creators to bring their creations into the world. These systems were available for free or very little cost, all I had to do was work out what I needed, sign up and start. I am no ‘mechanic’ but I now have the tools to run all the systems in my business and I can understand and use them. A big thank you goes out to the ‘mechanics’ of the interwebs !

With my new base of unique content and my new love of the simple systems available, I re launched Half Price Staff. Nothing fancy, I just started talking about my knowledge and views on Outsourcing on facebook. I let my thoughts and experiences come through. I simply let myself be ‘me’. I searched for, found and learnt from people who used facebook as the main source of attracting customers to their business. Some people loved what I had to say, some hated it. After a few weeks of simply doing this while I set up the final tweaks in the background….. BOOM….FLOW. Not a gentle flow like a slow river, more like a gushing whip torrent. A year ago I was hitting my head against a wall, with the exact same service offering.

Now with a different approach to the exact same thing, I am like a magnet. I had struck a chord and was off like lightning. Just 4 months ago I was wondering if I should give up on this business that I love, thinking I many never get it profitable and that I would be facing years of struggle to get to that ‘point’ of it working. Wondering if anyone really did want what I could offer, maybe I should just keep my outsourcing abilities and strategies for my own use, keep things as they have been for the past 6 years. Still, in the face of that, I went back in to bat with my new ‘creator’ friendly approach…….more hoping it would work than expecting it would.

In the 4 months since, I could not have imagined what has happened. Half Price Staff has already become a profitable, cash generating company with a backlog of customers, existing customers who are ordering more staff, enquiries from around the world, me being interviewed by major newspapers on outsourcing for low costs start ups, the future of outsourcing for traditional businesses and outsourcing strategy on a national level. This has all been done remotely from overseas. They are finding me.

I have been in initial discussions to start a business incubator in Asia for companies, following my strategies in outsourcing, to penetrate Western markets faster. I’ve been asked to speak at conferences later in the year and 3 large multinational companies have been in contact with me saying they have had someone mention me, my content or my company, in the course of business. All this since the start of the year, with less than $1000 invested, with clients I have never met in person, with staff I have never met in person, while living in a tropical paradise and having the time of my life. I LOVE what I do, HOW I do it and WHY I do it. I am extremely happy of course, however, still in shock about how fast….and easily…. it is all happening now.


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