Are you busy doing too much of the wrong thing?

Why does it often feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Or that the to-do list never gets any shorter?

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re looking for solutions to free up their time, they exist – and they are already used every day by Mother Nature. As the Zen saying goes:

“In nature, nothing is rushed yet all is accomplished.”

This week I shot a video at an African safari park, with zebra and wildebeest wandering around in the background. I share the two things that make up all flow, and the four simple things you need to automate or outsource to free up your time – and your life.

When you follow the steps in the video, you allow flow to be maintained naturally and automatically in your business and your life – without you needing to be in the middle of it.

That frees you up to grow greater flow – or to simply go with the flow: To have more time with family and friends, to have more travel time, and to have more fun.

Watch the video here to find out how << I hope you enjoy the video (and the baby zebra). Please leave me a note in the comments with any questions or comments as we have a Q&A session in an upcoming video! Keep shining brightly, Roger Meet me in Australia! I will be in Perth and Brisbane in Australia this March, with exciting strategies and plans that come from my recent trips to the US and Africa. Join me for the very latest tips and systems to grow your business and design your life. Get your tickets to join me in Australia in March << Subscribe for free weekly training through 2015 If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the free weekly training, simply click ‘subscribe’ here << Then click here to receive: A free token to take the Millionaire Master Plan test My welcome gift audio series worth $210 Weekly entrepreneur training, step-by-step videos and Q&A

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