• Richest of the Rich position: 9
  • Birth/Death: 1330-1376
  • Origin of wealth: Land
  • Wealth: £85,000
  • Net National Income: £2.7m
  • Net National Income Percent: 3.14%
  • In Today’s Money: £34.852 billion

The eldest son of Edward III, Edward, known as the Black Prince, was created Earl of Chester in 1333, Duke of Cornwall in 1337, and Prince of Wales in 1343. Together, these titles gave him an annual income of £8,600.

A brilliant commander in the Hundred Years’ War, he distinguished himself at the Battle of Crecy in 1346, at the age of 16. Ten years later, he crushed the French at Poitiers, capturing their king in the process. Further wealth came when he was appointed Prince of Aquitaine in 1362, and through his marriage to the heiress Joan of Kent.

Though regarded as a charismatic and inspirational leader, the Black Prince died an invalid in England at the early age of 46. He had intervened in Spanish affairs, defeating a leading Spanish commander in 1367, and restoring the King of Castile to his throne, but caught an infection that progressively incapacitated him.

His £85,000 fortune at his death – over 3% of national income – would be worth at least £34.8bn today.

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