The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

The Profile Test Created by Roger Hamilton (Asia’s leading wealth consultant)

About This Test

Roger Hamiltons Wealth Dynamics Test is the leading entrepreneur personality test in the world, taken by over 250,000 entrepreneurs! Isn’t it time you joined them? This personality test assesses your strengths, productivity, values and group behavior to determine your most “natural way” to build wealth. Once you know your natural path and wealth strategy, you can eliminate the dead-ends and struggles. Remember… if it isn’t easy and fun, you’re likely on the wrong path!

You will Discover:

  • How to build the right team and focus on the right activity
  • What your strategy should be; Where to invest your time
  • How to identify the right role models for you
  • How to attract the opportunities and people who will help build your wealth
  • When you should take action and – more importantly – when you should not.
  • How to create value using your profile; The value you need to own
  • How you need to leverage; How to secure your cash flow

Preview Copy

When completing the test you will receive a report very similar to the one below.

What is your profile?

When you complete the test you will be assigned one of the below profiles.

The Creator

As its name suggests, the Creator is one that creates and can’t stop at it! But while excellent at coming up with lucrative ideas, a Creator falls behind when managing the day-to-day operations of a business. Except for the creative process, a Creator is better off delegating tasks to other people. An example of a Creator is Walt Disney. Learn more about The Creator here

The Mechanic

If a Creator is good at starting something, the Mechanic is the perfect person to finish it! Armed with a need to improve things and make them better, a Mechanic thrives wherever fine-tuning is involved. An example of a Mechanic is Henry Ford. Learn more about The Mechanic here

The Star

Think movie stars, athletes, and musicians. Even a high-profile CEO can also be a Star. A Star is easy to spot—just look for that person with a strong personality and a commitment just as strong to deliver what is needed. An example of a Star is Oprah Winfrey. Learn more about The Star here

The Supporter

Enthusiastic and energetic with a great network perfectly describes a supporter. They are at their best when working with Mechanics, Deal Makers, Creators, or Stars. An example of a Supporter is Steve Ballmer. Learn more about The Supporter Here

The Deal Maker

With an ability to intuitively react while relying on relationships and connections, a Deal Maker is able to seize the best of the best opportunities for themselves. An example of a Deal Maker is Donald Trump. Learn more about The Deal Maker here

The Trader

A Trader operates on either side of the spectrum, naturally hunting out bargains and haggling to get a great deal while at same time sniffing out high-price buyers to enjoy massive returns. An example of a Trader is George Soros. Learn more about The Trader here

The Accumulator

“Slow and steady wins the race” is at the heart of an Accumulator’s strategy, trusting tried-and-tested systems to bring about incremental growth in wealth. An example of an Accumulator is Warren Buffet. Learn more about The Accumulator here

The Lord

Unlike a Star, a Lord is not interested in the limelight. Instead, they’d much rather quietly build their wealth. In support of their affinity for controlling what they can, a Lord will most likely be found where fixed assets that generate cash are. An example of a Lord is Ingvar Kamprad. Learn more about The Lord here


Preview #2

Here’s another sneak peak into our system.

Completing the test is just the start of the journey

If you have finished the test, then massive life changes are in store. Use the profile to plot your business moves and strategies for 2015. Learn more about the eight profiles here. This test isnt a magic bullet but it brings you closer to the right direction. To your success! Team


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